Bunches of tulips were left in the Amber Valley area

A Derbyshire pensioner whose husband passed away last week has told how the kind act of a local florist cheered her up.

Eye-catching bouquets of tulips were left dotted around places in Amber Valley yesterday by Tina Green, who runs GreenBlooms Floral Design, in Kilburn.

And she was left in tears when she found out how well her effort to cheer people up had done.

One bunch was discovered by Cathleen Sperry, 72, who found the pink flowers at a bus stop near her home in the village of Loscoe.

The flowers just so happened to be in the right place at the right time as Cathleen’s husband passed away last week. She said her husband had been “poorly for a long time” and had spent the last six years in a home.
Tina Green has been running her florist business for the past four years (Image: Matt Moore)

Cathleen, who celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband in June last year, said the act of kindness really ‘”cheered” her up.

The pensioner was waiting for her bus when she saw them. She called it a “beautiful idea”. She said: “My bus was five minutes late. If my bus had come on time I would have left them there.

“Something said to me turn the card over. I did and I saw the lovely message and took them home.”
One of the four bouquets of pink tulips that were placed around Derby this morning (Image: Tina Green)

The message attached to the flowers reads: “The Lonely Bouquet. Please take me home to enjoy me. If you could let GreenBlooms Floral Designs know that I have found a good home, we would LOVE that x.”

Tina Green said she “broke down in tears” when she heard a voicemail left on her phone from Cathleen.

The 42-year-old said: “I thought this is exactly what I’ve done this for. If no one else got back to me I wouldn’t have minded. It made my day.

“I did it on a miserable Monday morning on purpose. I just wanted to do something nice for someone. It’s definitely a win-win situation.”

Tina, who started up her florist business four years ago, drove around when “no one was around” to place bouquets around the Amber Valley area. The flowers were left in Belper, Kilburn, Smalley, Heanor, Ripley and Alfreton.
Tina Green, who worked as a police officer for 22 years, said she found out about the original lonely bouquet idea idea from Holland (Image: Tina Green)

Tina, who worked as a police officer for 22 years, said she found out about the original lonely bouquet idea idea from Holland and decided to try it out last year but she said she didn’t hear back from anyone.

The tulips, which were ordered directly from Holland, also fell into the hands of a lady in Alfreton who had “a rough weekend”. Tina, who is a mum-of-two, added: “Another lady who works in a barbers got in touch to say she had just finished cutting someone’s hair.

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